Club of the Friends of Greece

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In November 2003, we came up with a show we called Dionysia. Its content was a talk about the Greek Dionysia and the drink of the gods, including a tasting of Greek wines. Over the years, we have travelled to all the wine regions in Greece, and we have also gone to neighbouring countries and tasted their wines. The show has become a tradition.

Dionysia, or Bacchanalia, was a festival in ancient times to honor the god of wine and procreation. The great Dionysia, which took place in Athens, involved parades singing songs associated with Dionysus, with boisterous and exuberant revelry. The symbol of fertility was the phallus, which was worn by the processions during the celebrations.

In Greek mythology, Dionysos, or Bacchus, is the son of the supreme god Zeus and his human lover Semele, daughter of the Theban king Cadmus.
As a vegetal deity, Dionysos was primarily a god of vines and wine. The vine became an enduring symbol of Dionysos, and wine took a firm place in his cult and rituals.